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Virus Prevention Training — part of your Best Reasonable Effort litigation defense!

Enviropath features an entertaining, 40 minute on-site multi-media Virus Prevention awareness presentation designed to instill basic understanding about the nature of the virus, how it is transferred, methods of control and the responsibility each of has to be fully engaged in fighting the spread of workplace pathogens.

Topics Covered

  • COVID-19 nomenclature and relationship to other viruses
  • Comparison and contrast of CVID-19 to influenza
  • Who is at risk
  • Symptoms
  • Methods of transmission
  • Cleaning vs disinfecting
  • Methods of disinfection—natural, chemical, technological
  • Best practices
  • Personal sanitization and PPE
  • Respiratory etiquette
  • Social distancing
  • Prevention awareness and personal responsibility
  • Workplace-Home continuity

Enviropath Consultants believes that in these difficult times, it’s important for employees to support the  rebuilding efforts of their employers by acting as advocates and ad hoc marketers of the business.

Enviropath encourages employees to “spread the word” that their workplace is safe and proactive in the effort to rebuild confidence in the marketplace.  

All Virus Prevention Awareness Training attendees receive Certificates of Completion and their completion of training is archived for future reference.

Training culminates with an Employee Pledge designed to solicit a unified employee engagement with the principle of personal responsibility to support your company’s policies of contagion prevention at home and on the job.