Employee training

Employees participate in an entertaining oral and video on-site presentation, familiarizing them with vital topics such as personal sanitization, respiratory etiquette and social distancing, as specified by OSHA 3990-03 2020.

Superior sanitization technology

Your workplace is equipped with the world’s premiere, EPA registered, continuous sanitizing equipment:  Active Pure Technology  

Walkthrough site consultation

One of our professionals will consult with you on your facility’s air and surface sanitization needs. Call today for a free consultation!

Employee-client workplace confidence

Your clients and your employees will feel confidence, knowing your facility is as sanitary and pathogen free as can be reasonably expected 

Foundation for a “best effort” litigation defense

Enviropath’s services becomes a vital part of your “reasonable best effort” to protect your employees and customers

Workplace-Home continuity 

Your workplace is safest when best practices are carried from the workplace to the home 

Employee anti-contagion engagement

Enviropath promotes a unified employee participation in best practices with the Employee Pledge

Anti-contagion equipment

Enviropath makes available to it’s Certified Partners essential cautionary equipment, such as sanitizing stations, face shields and plexiglass personnel barriers 

Visible evidence of your concern

“Sanitized” stickers and placards, washroom signage and entrance greetings are visible evidence to your employees and customers that you care about their well-being…that’s something they don’t forget!

Become an EnviroTeam Member!

EnviroTeam Members receive ActivePure continuous sanitizing technology, a complementary site consultation walkthrough, employee Virus Prevention Awareness training, access to supplementary contagion containment equipment and Certified EnviroTeam Member signage, proudly announcing to your clientele that your business is sanitized and is a proud member of the new, confident marketplace.