Even as legislation is being formulated to protect businesses from liability, lawsuits for personal injuries and deaths are being served on companies that negligently expose customers  and employees to COVID-19. These cases are expected to steadily increase and expand across industries, jurisdictions, and areas of law.

Negligence on the part of employers has been associated with failure to adequately clean and sanitize the premises, to provide protective equipment, to warn of employees who tested positive for COVID-19, to screen workers for the virus, failure to cleanse and sterilize the workplace, failure to provide employees with personal protective equipment, failure to promote and enforce social distancing and follow other CDC directives and generally failure to warn of the risks of infection based on particular circumstances known only to the business owner.

It is widely acknowledged, , during this time of uncertainty, that an employer’s best litigation defense is to demonstrate “reasonable best effort” to protect employees by keeping them informed of CDC and State health directives, providing proper PPE and protective barriers, properly sanitizing the workplace and enforcing “best practices,” such as social distancing.

Reasonable best effort                            

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  • employee training based upon OSHA’s “Guidelines on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19” (OSHA 3990-03 2020,)
  • continuous worksite sanitization with ActivePure Technology, the most powerful air and surface purification technology ever discovered,
  • an on-site health-safety evaluation to assess health-safety protocols,
  • anti-contagion equipment such as hand sanitization equipment,
  • visible evidence of your desire to protect your employees’ and your customers’ health with EnviroTeam “Sanitized” display and signage.

Becoming a Certified EnviroTeam Member is a vital part of your business’ “reasonable best effort” litigation defense!