The Right Technology

Enviropath Consultants is proud to offer it’s clients the most powerful air and surface purification technology ever discovered–NASA designed ActivePure Technology. Now you can protect your home or business the same way NASA protects it astronauts in space!

    • Continuous, 24/7 sanitizing of all air and surfaces
    • Kills RNA and DNA viruses. COVID-19 is an RNA virus  
    • Safe for people, pets, plants and surfaces
    • Nature based — we sanitize your interior space the same way Nature sanitizes the air
    • EPA registered
    • Cost effective — you can own the equipment for less than the cost most one-and-done spray down disinfection applications that immediately lose their efficacy
    • Proven effective by university and laboratory testing
    • Used in millions of homes and businesses world-wide

Throughout the many years and millions of dollars of environmental remediation work we’ve performed across the Gulf South Region, Enviropath Consultants has had occasion to  employ virtually every type of disinfection product and application method, from spray downs to abatements to foggings. For the most part, these methods share the one pronounced disadvantage of having temporary efficacy and represent a general waste of money when recontamination is inevitable. In addressing the COVID-19 phenomenon, we have specifically chosen ActivePure as the preferred sanitization technology. Their world-wide patented  combination of hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyls, super oxides and negative ions are clinically proven to not only destroy pathogens in the air and on surfaces continuously, but to also remove them from suspension in the air, thus eliminating them as respiratory irritants. In the age of contagious pathogens, NASA developed ActivePure Technology is the correct solution.


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