Business Owner:

In an era of fear and uncertainty, Enviropath Consultants offers you incredible value. Our professionals will

    • Deploy the world’s best EPA registered,  continuous sanitization technology—NASA designed ActivePure.
    • Train your employees in pathogen awareness and containment
    • Champion employee support and promotion of your business as a proactive member of the new, safe marketplace
    • Evaluate your business site regarding contagion containment and submit mitigation recommendations
    • Provide contagion prevention equipment such as sanitization stations
    • Promote consumer CONFIDENCE in your business with sanitization awareness signage 
    • Acknowledge your concern for your employees and customers as a visible member of the EnviroTeam

Enviropath pricing is based on the total area of employee-occupied space and the types and quantities of support items selected. Your consultation is free of charge!

Most businesses can enjoy the full range of Enviropath’s services and OWN the world’s premier EPA registered continuous sanitizing equipment for less than the cost of a single one-and-done disinfecting spray down that will be ineffective the next day.

Become an EnviroTeam Member! Members receive ActivePure continuous sanitizing technology, a site consultation walkthrough, employee Virus Prevention Awareness training, access to supplementary contagion containment equipment and Certified EnviroTeam Membership signage, proudly announcing to your clientele that your business is sanitized and is a proactive member of the new confident marketplace.

Pricing starts as low as $900.

Call Enviropath today to find out how cost effective real value can be.

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We accept all major credit cards and offer flexible payment terms.